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Andalusia - Music, Folk Festivals, Azure Beaches and Wild Landscapes

The charm and atmosphere of the south

Andalusia, Spain’s southern region, is the "hot" part of the country in all respects: friendly and hospitable people, the warm sun, the sizzling atmosphere on the streets, especially at night, and the warm-hearted music .... The cities are smaller and not as crowded. While not as famous as Madrid and Barcelona, they possess abundant charm of their own.

Legacy of three religions

The influence of hundreds of years of Muslim rule may be observed in the artistry, design and unique construction of the magnificent buildings in the region’s towns and cities and in the white houses that are typical of the mountain villages.

Adventures in the wild nature

Andalusia enjoys long stretches of beaches along its shores and extensive mountain ranges along its width. A trip to Andalusia is fascinating and unique and includes nature hikes and other enjoyable outdoor activities.

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