Barcelona • Girona • the Pyrenees • Costa Brava • La Garrocha

Experience Catalonia like few have experienced it before

Spectacular Catalonia

Catalonia is the North Eastern region of Spain, and Barcelona is its hypnotizing, cosmopolitan and extremely lively capital. Amazing sandy beaches, coves and cliffs may be found on its eastern coast, while the northern area boasts majestic mountains, which are home to birds of prey and secluded monasteries.

Active vacation with a lot of fun

Enjoy activities in the great outdoors, eat at traditional restaurants, and combine a relaxing holiday with nature outings and discovery of the traditional rural Spanish countryside.

The perfect place for enjoying a peaceful vacation, discovering cultural riches or challenging yourself to an active holiday.

Barcelona!  But not only that …

Our tour combines visits to the most-see attractions in the city of Barcelona, the coasts of the Costa Brava and the mountains of the Pyrenees. To these we add excursions to charming and secluded places in every part of Catalonia. Depending on your character and personal preferences you will have the opportunity to partake in various outdoor nature activities, be it a leisurely hike in a fairy forest, a visit to a bird park, or more challenging hiking trails, abseiling and rock climbing.

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