Madrid • Segovia • Sierra Guadarrama • Rio Duraton

Madrid – Culture and Atmosphere, Nature, Mountains and Rivers

Madrid – Modern, Classic and Majestic

Madrid, the capital city, is situated in the central part of Spain on an arid plateau. Madrid itself is a modern European city, famous for its culture, history and food. Vibrant yet majestic, it is studded with impressive buildings that reflect Spanish history and is home to the monarchy to this day.

Madrid is an amazing city that boasts splendid museums, lively neighborhoods, endless possibilities for night time entertainment and scenic municipal parks.

Adventures and Fun in the Wild Nature

North of Madrid, you can find mountain ranges and nature reserves, including the Sierra de Guadarama National Park.
This nature reserve will provide us with a variety of challenging activities: cliff climbing and abseiling, touring a winding cave used by prehistoric man, a variety of self-navigated walking trails, kayaking down rivers and discovering small villages and towns, each with its own unique character.

Segovia a Fairytale City

The pearl of the region is the city of Segovia, an ancient walled city. At its entrance stands an intact two-thousand-year-old Roman aqueduct which is so vast, solid and stable, that it is hard to believe that it is centuries old.

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