Family trip in Catalonia

by Rachel G.

Santiago planned a fantastic trip for our family in Catalonia!

In the past, we have always researched and planned our trips on our own, so I know how much time (and for me, considerable stress) is involved in planning a trip that is truly successful. With all of us busy at work, at school and planning a Bat Mitzva, this time I decided to let an expert do the planning for us, with a trip specifically tailored to the ages and inclinations of our family members.

Our family of six includes children ages 25, 23, 16 and 12, with varying degrees of fitness. Santiago met the challenge and provided us with an itinerary that included well known attractions but also special activities and adventures that were “off the beaten track”’ such as a family bicycle trip on the “Green Way”, kayaking down a river, a self-navigated boat cruise along the Costa Brava, and more.

For each location Santiago suggested attractions that we see by ourselves or made arrangements for us with a local guide or contact. They then followed up to see that all went according to plan. Santiago provided us with extensive written information as well as internet links and google navigation with a detailed itinerary which was a veritable guide book, complete with background information as well as the smallest details which can “make or break” a vacation: where to find free parking, recommendations of good restaurants, and even where to shop.

Santiago has extensive knowledge of Spain: not just history, geography and culture but also the logistics of everyday life on the go. The plan was also flexible enough to permit us to do the things we enjoyed the most. Santiago also arranged our car rental and house/hotel accommodations. We stayed at a charming house complete with swimming pool in the beautiful Catalonia countryside, which we came back to at the end of each day’s tour, and where we were able to cook our own meals.

We went on an unforgettable trip to the Val Nuria in the Pyrenees and were lucky to be in Barcelona in time for the yearly La Merce festival. Altogether we had a wonderful trip and we highly recommend Santiago.

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