Trip to Madrid

I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for us in Spain. We are a family of six, and it is a complex task to make sure that everybody will be happy - but everything turned out well!

Let's start with the house - we loved the possibility of living in a country house for a week. Meeting the house owners and shopping in the neighbourhood grocery store made us feel like locals.

The house, which was located in a rural area close to a small lake, gave us a pleasant feeling for our entire stay.

The house was exactly suited to our needs and its location close to Segovia and the areas where we were traveling was a great advantage. This allowed us to make diverse day tours with the convenience of returning to the same pleasant place at the end of the day.

The program that Santiago prepared for us combined urban trips with nature.

We walked through the ancient part of Segovia, went hiking, rappelling, and even reached the top of the Penalara. Most importantly, attention was given to each of the children’s preferences and everyone was satisfied.

The guide Lewis was a wonderful person and knowledgeable in every field: plants, flowers, geology and more. Most importantly, he was very friendly. We had a tough time saying goodbye.

At the end of this section of the trip, we continued to Madrid and further to your recommendations we discovered the city from very special perspectives. We loved the atmosphere at sunset in the western park!

We fell in love in Spain and would be very happy to travel with your company again in another part of Spain! Hola!

Give us a call at +34 60 526 11 32 or send us a note, we'll gladly help