Fairytale Cities, Mountains and Rivers near Madrid

Madrid, Segovia, Pedraza, Maderuelo, Sierra Guadarrama, Rio Duraton Relaxed vacation, sporting activities, fun activities, enchanting ancient villages and urban culture

Tailor-Made, Self-Guided Culture and Nature Holiday
From € 750 and from 5 nights ex. flights
Minimally challenging

Discover the environs of Madrid, Castile-Leon, Segovia and the city of Madrid.

Hike through the mountainous nature reserves north of Madrid. Walk along peaceful streams and observe breath-taking lakes in the nature reserves.

Tour picturesque villages that are off the beaten track, breath in the serene atmosphere of the past and admire the special characteristic construction of the houses, which are built of stone hewn from the surrounding mountains.

Enjoy outdoor activities, dine at traditional restaurants, and combine a relaxing holiday with nature excursions and tours of the ancient rural Spanish landscape.

Visit Madrid, the amazing capital of Spain, with its magnificent museums, lively neighborhoods, endless nightlife and relaxing city parks.


Trip Highlights

  • Spend a week in a unique vintage country villa, in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Castile-Leon.
  • Go on a moderately paced hiking trip, enjoy fun outdoor activities.
  • Visit a whiskey brewery or a fascinating family winery, where you will learn how to pair wine with the accompanying food and learn more about the wine and dishes that are characteristic of the region.
  • Become acquainted with the stunning city of Segovia and its fortress rising above the Old City. With its many palaces and churches, it looks as if it was taken directly from a fairy tale...
  • Take a tour around the walls of the city as you learn about biodiversity, with an emphasis on the wild birds nesting in the varied vegetation that surrounds the city.
  • Discover the "red and black villages," impressively constructed from local stone and possessing a quaint rural atmosphere that has remained intact from ancient times until the present day.
  • Experience Madrid, the cultural and multifaceted capital. Visit famous points of interest as well as places less familiar to tourists. Observe the city from unique and particularly interesting vantage points.


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