Family Bonding in Catalonia

Catalonia, Costa Brava, Pyrenees, Barcelona Family holiday in Catalonia, fun activities and bonding.

Custom-Made Small Group Bonding Active Culture Nature Holiday
From € 750 and from 5 nights ex. flights
Moderately challenging

An itinerary at a moderately demanding level, for those with at least minimal past hiking experience. Visit the special sites of Catalonia, combined with hiking and exciting sports activities in the coastal and mountain areas.

Discover Catalonia, the Spanish region where you can find an amazing mix of attractions, from the beautiful coastline in the east to the steep mountains in the north.

Here you can explore the rugged shoreline of the Costa Brava, become acquainted with charming small coastal villages, hike to the majestic mountains of the Pyrenees, stroll through medieval villages and travel to Barcelona, the captivating cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia. Enjoy activities in the great outdoors, eat at traditional restaurants, and combine a relaxing holiday with nature outings and discovery of the traditional Spanish countryside.

Trip Highlights

  • Spend a week in a charming vintage country villa set in beautiful natural surroundings in the heart of Catalonia.
  • Become familiar with Girona, a city on a cliff high above the rivers Ter and Onyar. The ancient part of the city is surrounded by a well-preserved wall, and among the steep and narrow alleyways, you will find the original ancient houses, still bearing the engraved family symbols and various ornaments.
  • If you are not yet convinced that Girona is a beautiful city, we will reveal that all the main characters from the television series "Game of Thrones" live and fight within Girona. Oldtown of Braavos, are various alleys in the old Jewish Quarter of Girona, and die-hard fans of the series will most certainly recognize the ninety wide and steep stairs leading to the Cathedral, as well as the Arab baths which were the site of the battle between Arya and the Waif in the presence of the stunned bathers.
  • Exit the city to see the origins of the stones that were used to build the city’s wall and buildings, and visit an ancient fort affording a unique vantage point from which you may observe the city from above.
  • Discover the rocky coast of Costa Brava, tour the coastal villages and admire the viewpoints overlooking the coastal bays and the steep mountains rising above them.
  • Visit one of the largest butterfly and bird park in Europe Visit a factory which produces delicious chocolate with all-natural ingredients.
  • Go boating along the Costa Brava coast or along the canals of what is nicknamed “The Venice of Catalonia” in a boat with an ecologically friendly electric motor.
  • You can also join a fishermen’s crew for a day, and go fishing using traditional fishing methods (contingent on the season).
  • Explore the calmer waters inland, as you kayak down the river on a family-friendly route.
  • Drive by car to the Pyrenees on charming winding roads that will lead you through small and nearly-abandoned villages scattered along the way and then ascend to the isolated and high mountain area, which is accessible only by a special rack railway.
  • Go hiking in the river creeks and then up to mountain summits and observation points. To compensate for your efforts, have a bite to eat at restaurants that specialize in exceptional tasting dishes that are characteristic of the volcanic area. (There is nothing to worry about, the volcanoes have been inactive now for many years…)
  • Let’s not forget the cultural aspect with which we started the trip, and will complete it with a trip to Barcelona, the vibrant and exciting city where you will not only become acquainted with some of the most famous places in the world, but will also discover the special and lesser-known ones, especially the places in which the younger members of the family can enjoy themselves.


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