Wonders of Mountain and Coast

Barcelona, Girona, the Pyrenees, Costa Brava, La Garrocha A dream vacation combining culture, nature and unforgettable views

Tailor-made, Self-guided Culture and Nature Holiday
From € 750 and from 5 nights ex. flights
Minimally challenging

A tour to the coast of Costa Brava, the villages of the "Golden Triangle", and the Pyrenees. Visit and stroll through the alleys of the old city of Girona, walk on the city walls, explore walking routes on the city outskirts.

Visit the town of Banyoles, walk on a footpath around the Blue Lagoon and tour the Old City of Besalu with its stunning ancient bridge from Roman times.

Moderately difficult walking trails to a variety of scenic sites.

Experience a variety of fun activities for the body and the soul. Among them: a visit to an organic chocolate factory, self-navigating an eco-boat on the waters of the Costa Brava, kayaking, a visit to the famous Dali museum and a visit to a special bird and butterfly park.

Tour the city of Barcelona and its famous attractions, including the Ramblas, La Boqueria Market, Gothic Quarter, El Born, Barceloneta, and Montjuic.

Discover wonderful yet lesser-known attractions such as markets and flea markets frequented by the locals, a view of the city from the bunkers of Carmel, a cable car ride and quaint and less central neighborhoods.

Trip Highlights

  • A trip with a "slow tourism" pace for nature lovers seeking a moderate level of difficulty.
  • Stay in a charming country villa that will make you feel like local for a week. The house is optimally located in the heart of Catalonia and will serve as the base for your excursions.
  • Drive by car to the Pyrenees on charming winding roads that will lead you to small villages scattered along the way.
  • Discover the rocky coast of Costa Brava, tour the coastal villages and admire the scenery from viewpoints overlooking the coastal bays below and the steep mountains above.
  • Check out the real-life places in Girona that served as sets for the famous television series "Game of Thrones”: All the main characters from the series live and fight within Girona. Braavos, Kings Road and Oldtown are in fact various alleys in the old Jewish Quarter of Girona, and die-hard fans of the series will most certainly recognize the ninety wide and steep steps leading to the Cathedral, as well as the Arab baths which were the site of the battle between Arya and the Waif, in the presence of the stunned bathers.
  • Learn about special places and their stories, you'll have to decide whether they are based on historical truth or perhaps legends: the monster from Lake Banyoles, the Enchanted Stones, the volcanoes of La Garrocha...
  • Depending on the season you travel in Barcelona, you may be lucky enough to participate in local festivals, processions, street celebrations, or in any event that occurs in the city during your stay.


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